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Tug Boat Cylindrical Rubber Fender

Tug Boat Cylindrical Rubber Fender

Tugboat fenders, as its name implies, are generally wound around tugboats to counterpart the impact force between two tugboats or between tugboat and docks. They effectively protect boats and docks form damages during berthing. Feature: 1. Strong and durable structure. 2. With grooves for chains...

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Tugboat fenders, as its name implies, are generally wound around tugboats to counterpart the impact force between two tugboats or between tugboat and docks. They effectively protect boats and docks form damages during berthing.



1. Strong and durable structure.

2. With grooves for chains and straps for easier and firmer attachments.

3. Round hollow chamber for easier installation.

4. Suitable to be fasten to the sides, bow and stern of tugboat.

5.Ideal for protecting tugboats, work boats, icebreakers and various types of vessel

6. Wide range of sizes and designs.


Main Classification Society in the World

1. LR --Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
2. BV --Bureau Veritas
3. RINA--Registro Italiano Navale 
4. ABS --American Bureau Shipping
5. DNV --Det Norske Veritas
6. GL --Germanische Lloyd

7. CCS -- China Classification Society
8. NKK--Nippon Kaiji Kyokai 
9. HRS -- Hellenic Register of Shipping 
9. RS -- Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
11.PRS -- Polish Register of Shipping
12.BKR --Bulgaria Register of Shipping
13.CCS -- China Classification Society
14.CSLR -- Czech Register of Shipping Bureau
15.KR  -- Korean Register of Shipping
16.BKI -- PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia

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