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Rib Type Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Rib Type Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Rib Type Pneumatic Fender is another type of Pneumatic Rubber Fenders. It is designed with raised rib instead of chain and Tyre net. So its advantage is lower weight than traditional chain and Tyre net fenders. Meanwhile, it can better protect the fender body than the sling type fenders. Rid...

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Rib Type Pneumatic Fender is another type of Pneumatic Rubber Fenders. It is designed with raised rib instead of chain and Tyre net. So its advantage is lower weight than traditional chain and Tyre net fenders. Meanwhile, it can better protect the fender body than the sling  type fenders. Rid Type fender also with inner compressed air, it can float on the water and widely used as protecting medium equipment for ship to ship (S-T-S) and ship to dock (S-T-D). 



1. Light weight & high compression deformation, low reaction force, high energy absorption

2. Good floating performance, can meet the needs of the water level change

3. With compressed air as medium, the collision energy consumption by compressed air power

4. Easy installation and long service life


1.Outer Rubber 

Cover outside on the ball of rubber layer, which is used to protect skeleton material and inner rubber ball from damage of external force, the main features: high strength, wear resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance.

2. Synthetic cord reinforced rubber layer

Reinforced cord rubber layer is composed of winding Synthetic cord layer, It is mainly used for maintain the internal air pressure, which has good elasticity, no deformation and high power etc. 

3. Inner Rubber 

On the ball inside the rubber layer, which is used to prevent air leakage and control the ball pressure. 

4. End Flange

The metal parts at both ends of fender, which can be fitted with charging valve and safety valve.

Ship Dimensions

1) Length between perpendiculars (Lpp)

Distance between the fore and the aft perpendicular.

2) Length over all (Loa)

The horizontal distance from stem to stern.

3) Length on the water line (Lwl)

Horizontal distance between the moulded sides of stem and stern when the ship is on her summer mark.

4) Breadth (B)

The greatest moulded breadth, measured from side to side outside the frames, but inside the shell plating.

5) Breadth over all

The maximum breadth of the ship as measured from the outer hull on starboard to the outer hull on port side.

6) Draught at the stem (Tfwd)

Vertical distance between the water line and the underside of the keel, as measured on the force perpendicular.

7) Draught at the stern (Ta)

The vertical distance between the water line and the underside of the keel as measured from the aft perpendicular.

8) Trim

The difference between the draught at the stem and the draught at the stern.

Down and trimmed by the head. If the draft is larger at the stem, than at the stern.

Down and trimmed by the stern. If the draft is large at the stern, than at the stem.

On an even keel, in proper trim. The draft of the stern equals the draft of the stem.

9) Depth

The vertical distance between the base line and the upper continuous deck. The depth is measured at half Lpp at the side of the ship.

10) Freeboard

The distance between the waterline and the top of the deck at the side (at the deck line). The term summer freeboard means the distance from the top of the S-line of the Plimsoll’s mark and the topside of the deck line.

11) Air draught.

The vertical distance between the water line and the highest point of the ship. The air draught is measured from the summer mark. If the ship has less draught on can ballast until it reaches the summer draught and so obtain its minumum air draught. 

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